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Our mission is to empower individuals to take control of their health and well-being through natural healing methods. We believe that the body has an innate ability to heal itself when given the right tools and support. Through our website, we aim to provide accurate and reliable information on natural remedies, holistic therapies, and healthy lifestyle choices for your mind, body and spirit. We strive to inspire and educate our community to make informed decisions about their health, and to promote a natural, balanced approach to wellness.

Our focus is to promote the importance of nature and the environment in promoting healing and well-being. By connecting with nature and promoting environmental sustainability, we can help ensure a healthier and more sustainable future for ourselves, our children, and the planet. Join our Community!

About Us: meet the founders…

Margie Espe

Margie Espe


Welcome to the best community online.
I have been a wife, mother, friend, volunteer, and web designer/digital marketing specialist for 30 years. I have been on a journey to create a natural healing community for over 10 years. I recently founded The Earth Heals and invited my two oldest nieces (who share my passion) to join me on this mission to provide a community to share our natural healing journeys. While I believe traditional medicine is needed, I also think that natural healing can be transformational. I have gone through natural childbirth, raised my family with a strong emphasis on good nutrition, and I have gone through many emotional times in my life. I have made it through menopause and learned many different ways of life on my travels to 23 countries, which I can’t wait to share with you!

I have a lot to learn, but I have had a lot of successes too! I look forward to sharing my experiences and creating a space where like-minded individuals can learn, grow, and support each other on their paths to well-being for your mind, body and spirit. 

My hope is that my family and friends will unite to share in our quest to live a healthy and happy life.

My Interests =  Cooking, Researching Healing through Herbs and spices, Essential Oils, Adaptogens, Whole Foods, Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Nutrition for Health, Crystals, and, of course,
The Earth’s Healing Abilities. Growing up, I was taught that nothing went to waste. We grew our own food with great pride and respect.

Favorite Color = Green

Favorite Quote = “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You” also known as the “Golden Rule” Luke 6:31 

Hobbies = Cooking, Traveling the World, Reading, Making Wood-Fired Pizza, Learning Natural & Ancient Healing Remedies, Walking My Dogs, Spending Time with My Family and Friends.

Alisa Rose

Alisa Rose


Hey there, Lovely! My name is Alisa Rose and I am a holistic junky!! (Lol) No, really! I am! And if you’re here, you are probably researching ways that you can take back control of your body, your mind, and your health too. I’m so glad that you are here! I’m here to help you along the way!! Am I professional when it comes to natural healing? Of course not, but I am practicing it daily! I decided to take control of my life by dedicating myself to learning and living in a holistic way! I will be blogging from experience! If I blog it, I have tried it!!

I pray that my information will travel to your heart and make an impression on it so that you may use it to become a happier and healthier you! I pray for guidance and restoration and above all, I pray that you love yourself! So, are your ready to take this journey together? I am! Let’s go!!

My Interests = Herbal remedies, mushrooms, adaptogens, essential oils, vitamins and minerals, clean eating, mental health

Favorite Color = Green

Favorite Quote = “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” C.S. Lewis

Hobbies = Learning about how the earth heals us, spending time with my family, teaching, traveling, reading, crocheting/knitting, painting

People that I admire: Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Jordon Rubin, Steve Harvey, Joyce Meyer

Liz Espe

Liz Espe


So, who am I?
Well I’m your new blog bestie, your motivational cheerleader and your go to girl for healthy ideas and information. My name is Liz and I am so happy you are here! Blogging is an amazing way to share resources, experiences and thoughts/ideas. I feel that through my blogs I can provide my readers with knowledge and skills, through my very own experiences. My goal is to encourage and inspire others that they too can make the necessary changes to live a healthy lifestyle. I have made the changes and continue to put in the work daily to transform my life. Will it be easy? No. Will it take time and effort? Will it be worth it? Absolutely! I look forward to bringing you along with me on this healthy journey and sharing more about myself.

Favorite Interests: Home Improvement/Decorating, Baking, Crafting, Anything health related, DIY projects and of course my dog

Favorite Color
: Green

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Hobby: Crafting

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Music: Classic Rock

Owego, NY

Pound, VA

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