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Welcome to our Helpful FREE Resources page, a treasure trove of knowledge and tools designed to support your exploration of natural healing and foster your journey towards holistic well-being. As our natural healing website continues to grow, we are committed to providing an ever-expanding array of resources to empower you on your path to vibrant health and vitality.



Yuka deciphers product labels and analyzes the health impact of food products and cosmetics. This FREE tool is invaluable when it comes to making healthy choices while at the store. It rates foods and cosmetics on a scale from 1 – 100. It has a community of almost 47 million subscribers. It is completely independent: no ads, no influencers, and responsible financing. This app is amazing. It is addicting once you start using it. You will be going through your pantry, the grocery stores and your medicine cabinets. 

Insight Timer

The World’s Largest Library of FREE Guided Meditations on Earth – with 150,000 tracks from psychologists, spiritual leaders and mindfulness teachers.
Meditation, Sleep, Breathwork, Yoga, Contemplation. Wellness means different things to different people. With a focus on personalization and choice, more time is spent on Insight Timer than all other meditation apps.

The Farmers Market Directory

At The Earth Heals, we believe that nourishing your body with wholesome, organic foods is a cornerstone of natural healing. By supporting local farmers and artisans, you contribute to the well-being of our planet and enrich your own life with a deeper connection to the Earth and its healing properties.
Fill in your zip code for farmer’s markets near you!


Toxic Cosmetics Search

In a world where beauty products line the shelves, it’s easy to overlook the potentially harmful chemicals they contain. This Toxic Cosmetics Search is dedicated to revealing the truth behind these products, empowering you to identify and avoid toxins that may compromise your health and well-being.


Herb Directory

We believe in the power of nature’s remedies to complement and enhance overall well-being. This Herbal Healing Directory is designed to empower you with knowledge about various herbs, their traditional uses, and evidence-based benefits, so you can make informed decisions on your journey towards holistic health.


DetoxMe App 

A reliable clean lifestyle guide that walks you through simple, research-based tips on how to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals where you live, work, and play.
This free mobile app draws on more than 20 years of research by Silent Spring Institute on the health risks associated with toxic chemicals in our everyday environment, turning this vast knowledge into practical advice for healthier living.


Body Weight Planner

Enter your starting information, including your weight, sex, age, height, and physical activity level.
Physical Activity Level. Click the “Estimate Your Level” button to find your physical activity level.
Typical physical activity level numbers range from 1.4 (sedentary) to 2.5 (very active). The default value of 1.6 describes someone who does very light activity at school or work (mostly sitting) and moderate physical activity (such as walking or cycling) at least once a week. Try it here.

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