GuruNanda 8 Essential Oils Set

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GuruNanda 8 Essential Oils Set


GuruNanda 8 Essential Oils Set

8 Essential Oil Single Notes Set includes an expanded pack of our top-selling single notes. Despite their accessible price point, our essential oils are always 100% pure, natural, and sustainably harvested from the best farms the world over. Oils and Benefits: Our essential oils are individually cultivated from their country of origin. 8 Essential Oil Single Notes Set includes:

  • TRUE LAVENDER – Sourced from Bulgaria, True Lavender is our top-selling essential oil. Use it to ease insomnia and anxiety and promote relaxation, calm, and balance.
  • ORANGE – Sourced from Brazil, our Orange lives up to its nickname as the happy oil. Use it to ease negative feelings and promote a cheerful, pleasantly elevated mood.
  • EUCALYPTUS – Sourced from China, our Eucalyptus is an all-natural respiratory aide. Use to clear your nasal passages and promote deep, restorative breathing.
  • LEMONGRASS – Sourced from Nepal and India, our Lemongrass makes your home or office smell like a spa. Use it to dispel stress and promote mental cleansing and a gently uplifted frame of mind.
  • PEPPERMINT – Sourced from Washington State, our Peppermint makes your body work more efficiently. Use it to soothe aches and pains and promote good digestion and balanced energy.
  • CEDARWOOD – Sourced from Texas, our Cedarwood brings the calming energy of a yoga studio straight to you. Use it to relieve restlessness, augment skin and hair health, and promote grounded energy.
  • TEA TREE – Sourced from Australia, our Tea Tree is known to support mental and spiritual cleansing. Use it to access clarity, reverence, and gratitude.
  • FRANKINCENSE – Sourced from India, our Frankincense is both healing and comforting. Use it to create a safe haven from the pressures and stresses of daily life.

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